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Five Candle Classical Stand

Description: Height adjustable from 1.45m to 2.5m.  Fitted flower tray. Takes 5 candles

Price: R 160   including candles

Seven Candle Floor stand

Description: Height adjustable from 1.45 - 2.5m. Fitted with flower tray. Takes 7 candles

Price: R160 including candles

Rust Metal Floor Stands

Description: Height 1.8meters. Takes 6 Cylinder candles and has flower tray or an addional candle.

Price: R 160 including candles

Victorian Stand

Description: Height 1.6 meters. Takes 1 candle.

Price:  R 70 including candle

Curl Floor Stand

Description: 2.04m heigtht. Takes 7 candles.

Price: R160 including candles


Description: 1.7m height. takes 5 candles.

Price:  R 160 including candles

Cone Vase Stands


Description: 4 sizes. Can accommodate 3 candles

75cm high, R 70 including candles

1.1 meter high, R 160 including candles

1.3meter high, R 160 including candles

1.5meter high, R 160 including candles





Description: 3 panels.  Height 1.8 meters. Takes 39 tea lights

Price: R200 including the candles

Tuscan Bowl

Description: Height 19cm, width 25cm. Wrought iron, can take a candl or flowers or both.

Price:  R 60 including 20cm ball candle

Confetti Stand

Description: Height 1 meter, wrought iron. (Various options).

Price: R60


stands Metal Lantern

Description: Height 45cm includes 1 candle

Price: R 60

Moon Table stand

Description: Height 77cm

Price:  R 60 including 17cm ball candle


Rasied Metal Stand & candle

Description: Black wrought iron, 3 legs, height - 10cm

Price:  R 20 including candle

Barrel Stand

Wooden barrel stand

Price: R 55 includes tea light candles


Description: Height 55cm

Price: R 70 including candle

Starlight Stand

Description: Height 90cm, takes 10 candles

Price: R 100 including candles

Two Candle Table Stand

Description: Height 1 meter, takes 2 candles, also has a base for flowers.

Price:  R 60 includes candles

Greek Stand

Description: Height 66cm, colour scorched metal

Price: R 60 including 17cm ball candle.

African Table Stand

Description: Height 26cm. Takes 1 candle,

Price:  R 50 including candle

Metal Lantern

Description: 21cm x 45cm, cream

Price: R60 including candle

Handmade Cage

Description: 50cm and 60cm in height, includes candle

Price: R 35

Garden Lanterns

Description: 1.5 meters and spike into the ground

Price: R 25

Medieval Stands

Description: Table stand 1 meter, Price R 60 including 17cm ball candle

Floor Stand 1.7 meters, Price R 120 including 17cm ball candle

Decorative Garden Lantern & Cage

Description: 1.5 to 2 meters

Price: R 160 including candle

Four Candle Table Stand

Description: 85cm high, takes 4 candles

Price: R 60 including Candles

Raised metal Candle Stand

Height: 7cm

Price: R 20 including candle

Ball Stand

Description: height adjustable from 75cm - 1.5meters

Price: R 60 including candle

Crystal Tea Light Ball

Description: 8cm diameter

Price: R 15 including candle