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Description: Cylinder candles 7cm or 10cm diameter.

Heights: 10cm, 15cm, 25c, 35cm, 50cm

Rental Price : R200 per set of 10 or individually priced between R 20 to R 30

Glass with wax fill

Description: Height 15m

Rental price: R 30

Large square candle set

Description:  Set of 3 candles. Diameter 15cm. Heights 22cm, 44cm, 66cm. 3 wicks per candle

Rental Price: R200  per set of 3 or R80 each.

One meter set of 3 candles

Description: 10cm diameter, 66cm, 88cm, 1 meter high candles with support arms.

Rental Price: R 200 per set of 3 or R80 per candle.

Unity Candles

Description: as per request

Rental Price: as per request

Dome candle

Desription: Inverted dome, 3 wicks. diameter 17cm or 20cm

Rental Price: R 40

Floating Candles/other

Description: 5cm diameter, burns 6 - 8 hours

Price: ask for price

Tea lights:  ask for price

Dinner candles: ask for price

Candle Guards

Description: 15cm x 25cm & includes a low candle

Price: R 30 each



Square Candles

Description: Diameter 7cm, 10cm

Heights: 10cm, 15cm, 25cm, 35cm, 50cm

Price: R 200 per set of 10, or individually priced between R 20 - R 30


Price: ask for price


Ball Candles


88cm, 10cm, 17cm, 20cm

Price: R 20  - R 30

Canon Candles

Dimensions 15cm x 22 or 44cm or 66cm
Price R 200 set of 3 or R 80.00