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Cylinder vases


7 x 15cm. R 15

7 x 20cm. Price R 20

8 x 30cm. Price R 30

8 x 40cm.Price R 25

14 x 30cm. R 35

14 x 40cm R 40

14 x 50cm. Price R55

14 x 60cm. Price R 65

14cm x 70cm. Price R 75

20 x 20cm. Price R 50



Strawberry Vases


Height 27cm, width 27cm

Price: R 75 including candle

Height 50cm, width 25cm

Price: R 80

Cognac Vase


Height: 20cm, Price R 40 including candle

Height : 30cm, Price R 60 including candle

Height: 40cm, Price R 80 including candle




Fish Bowls


14cm Price R 20

21cm Price R 25

31cm Price R 35



Crystal Ball

Description: 10cm

Price: R15 incl candle

Square glass vase - 8cm

Description: 8cm x 8cm, with rounded corners. Recycled

Price: R 15


Description: Round mirrors, 30cm,  40cm, 50cm

Price: R 20, R 25, R 35

Square Mirrors 50cm

Price: R 35

Square Vase 15 x 15 x 25cm

Description: 15cm x 25cm

Price: R 50

Storm Lantern

Description: Height 34cm

Price : R50 including candle

Ball Candles


88cm, 10cm, 17cm, 20cm

Price: R 20  - R 30

Tea light glasses


8cm Price R15 including candle

5cm Price R 10 including candle

Square vase 30 x 30 x 10cm

Description: 30 x 30 x 10cm

Price : R 80 including candle

Small Square Vases


7cm x 7cm, price R 15 including candle

10cm x 10cm, Price R20 including candle

Square Vase, 4cm x 18cm

Description: 4cm x 18cm high

Price: R 20

Mirror Boxes


10cm x 10cm, Price R 15

15cm x 15cm, Price R 3525

22cm x 18cm, Price R 45

Ostrich Vases

Description: 35cm high

Price:  R 20


Square Vase Tall, 13 x 40cm

Description: 13cm x 40cm

Price: R 50

Crystal Tea Light Holder

Description: 7cm x 4cm high

Price : R 10 including candle

Mini champagne vase

Description: 18cm x 27cm high

Price: R 25

Trumpet Vase


40cm, Price R 30

60cm, Price R 50

80cm, Price R 70

Crystal Candle Stand

Description: 12cm x 17cm

Price :R 35 including candle


Black Vase

Diameter: 20cm

Price : R 30

Glass Candle Holder

Height : 15cm

Price R 15 excluding candle

Jenny Bowl

Height : 15cm

Price R 20 including 10cm ball candle

Martini Vase

Height: 50cm,

Price: 60 excluding candle

Bullet Vase

Description: 60cm high

Price: R 75.00

Tall Strawberry Vase

Height: 50cm

Price: R60 excluding candle

Decorative Glass Bowl & Stand


 Glass bowl 41cm x 19cm high, with cut out edges

 Price: R 35

Decorative stand 33cm x 21cm high

Price: R 35

Candles: R15